Before study start: Create a password and log in

Video guides: IT systems for new  students

In August 2023 new students must create a password and log on to our IT systems at home, before study start.

Check the video guides here.

One week before study start you will receive a temporary password - on your e-mail (or possibly in your Digital Post if you have one). Use the temporary password to create a personal password that will give you access to all IT-systems at the Business Academy. 

Your personal password must consist of at least 8 letters or numbers.

Having made your personal password, you are now ready to make some important settings that will e.g. allow you to connect a personal email address to the systems. 

(NOTE: The temporary password will work only for creating your personal password.)

Go to the page and follow the video guide below. We recommend that you complete this step on your cell phone.

Video guide: Make your personal password

Watch the short video here: 

In the Studsys system you can add your cell phone number to be able to receive urgent messages via sms.

In Studsys you can also access administrative information: You will be able to extract your grades and confirmation of student activity, which can prove useful e.g. when you are applying for an internship. 

Go to the page and follow the video guide below.

Video guide: Add your phone number in Studsys

Watch the short video here:

It is your responsibility to keep informed at the intranet for students,

You can log on with your password. Study Update is your hub for official news, documents, link to Canvas, exam rules, contact persons and more. You will also find links to other IT systems and platforms.

Some of the content on Study Update applies for all programmes and some applies for specific programmes. Find your own programme under 'All programmes' in the top menu.

Video guide: Overview of Study Update

Watch the short video: 

​Canvas is the learning portal of Business Academy Aarhus and will be the central hub for your classes, learning materials and more. (You can log in via Study Update using your personal password.)

To get ready to use Canvas, you need to complete a few steps.

It is mandatory to activate your predefined student mail in Canvas. This is the way you will receive messages from your lecturers and other Canvas notifications. 

(NOTE: You are NOT allowed to remove the student mail since it provides access to several IT-systems. But in Canvas you can also add your personal email address to get messages and notifications from Canvas forwarded.)

Video guide: Activate your student mail in Canvas

Watch the short video:


​You have to decide how often you want to receive notifications from Canvas. We recommend that you get them so you don't miss out on important messages, deadlines, upload of new materials and more.

You can also add your cell phone number and receive Canvas notifications on sms.

Video guide: Get notifications from Canvas

Watch the short video here: 

​As a student at Business Academy Aarhus you have free access to all programmes in Microsoft Office.
Log in with your student mail as username and your personal password.

Go to the page and follow the video guide below.

Video guide: Install Microsoft Office programmes - including Microsoft Teams

Watch the short video here: 

Need help with IT?

If you need help, please call IT Servicedesk on (+45) 8936 3200. Our IT supporters Flemming, Kent and Martin are ready to guide you!

Opening hours for IT Servicedesk are:

  • Monday to Thursday between 8:00-15:30
  • Friday between 8:00-15:00