Digital Concept Development

Digital Concept Development (Bachelor's top-up programme)

We want to welcome you as a new student on the Digital Concept Development programme at Business Academy Aarhus.

Study start is Wednesday 23 August 2023

The first day of your programme is Wednesday 23 August 2023 at 8.30.

We will meet at Ringvej Syd 104, 8260 Viby J

Book list - and other important documents

Book list (pdf) - updated 3/8
Activity plan (pdf) - updated 3/8
Intro programme (pdf) - updated 3/8
Semester start programme - social activities for all new students (check it out online)

Requirements for your computer

See all requirements here

Do I get more info before study start?

The page will be updated with possible new info every Friday until study start.

Wednesday 16 August 2023 you will receive a welcome e–mail with more information about your study start.

After study start, this page will not be updated. You can then find all information about your programme on our intranet for students, Study Update.

Find out more about Study Update and how to log in here

Do you have any questions?

Questions about SU can only be answered by our SU Office

Check our FAQ for new students

Find all the answers here

Ask me - if you still have questions

Michelle Kahl


Administrative Coordinator