Information about the corona virus

For new students with study start at Business Academy Aarhus in February 2021

Updated 14 January 2021

International students who DO NOT have a residency permit (CPR nr) for Denmark

International students who do not have a residency permit for Denmark are not able to enter Denmark at the moment. Business Academy Aarhus does not know how long these restrictions will apply, currently, they are in force until 7 February.

Stay up to date and find more information here

There will be online teaching for all international programmes until 28 February

There will be online teaching for all international programmes until 28 February. However, there might be physical teaching for Chemical and Biotechnical Science (AP) and Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology (top-up) and IT Technology (3rd semester). Students on these programmes will be directly informed by their programme concerning the form of teaching.

We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely and are acting according to guidelines set out by the Danish authorities. We will, therefore, keep you informed if the COVID-19 situation changes and has any consequences regarding the start of your programme.

You should have received an email with the final letter of admission on 10 December and will be required to be on campus to start on your programme in March.

How do the special Corona restrictions in Aarhus affect my study start?

Stay up to date on, where we are continuously publishing important information about how study start and teaching will be conducted. We always follow the Danish authorities’ recommendations - both for Denmark in general and Aarhus specifically.

How is it possible to travel into Denmark before the start of my programme?

If you have a valid reason or a worthy purpose, as the authorities call it, you are allowed to enter Denmark.

At the moment (and until 7 February), new students do not have a worthy purpose and you can therefore not enter Denmark. We will post more information about what documents new students need to present at the border to get into Denmark.

Please note that there may be a reduced number of international flights, trains and buses to Denmark. Please consult your airline, train operator or travel company for further info.

It's also possible to drive a car into Denmark from e.g. Germany if you can document that you have a worthy purpose. Full details of the requirements to travel into Denmark are being regularly updated and can be found in English on the Danish authorities website.

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What documents do I need to enter Denmark?

When you enter Denmark, you can be asked at the border to document that you have a worthy purpose/ valid reason to enter Denmark. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you bring

  • a passport
  • printed confirmation that you have been admitted to Business Academy Aarhus
  • a printed version of this document to prove physical teaching

You must also have a negative corona test that is not more than 24 hours old.

Do I need to take a COVID-19 test when entering Denmark?

The Danish authorities are updating the list of EU/EEA countries who they consider to be "safe" or "at-risk" on a weekly basis. You can see the latest information here.

If you are travelling from a “safe” country, then travel safely, follow the relevant social distancing requirements and take a COVID-19 test if it’s offered at the border crossing/airport.   

If you are travelling from an “at-risk” country, you must have a negative COVID-19 test that is not older than 24 hours. 

You can get a free COVID-19 test in Aarhus at the local test centre (or mobile testing ambulances). Please follow the instructions here.

Do I need to self-isolate when I get to Denmark?

When entering Denmark from a high-risk area, you need to have a negative Corona test that is not more than 24 hours old.

As a new student entering Denmark, you do not need to self-isolate.

The list of countries at risk changes regularly - please stay updated here. 

What if I can’t get my high school diploma in time?

This should not be a problem for winter intake. 

Is public transport running in Denmark?

Yes, almost all public transport in Denmark is running. There are no problems with any public transport in and around Aarhus. But please check the sites below to make sure you can get to and from Aarhus.

You must wear a face mask on all public transport in Denmark. 

Check (trains), (domestic and international bus) and (local bus) for schedules and further info.

Should I wear a mask in Denmark?

On all flights to Denmark and in all Danish airports, you must wear a mask.

You must wear a mask in all public transportation (e.g., buses and trains) in all of Denmark.

You must also wear a mask in all public buildings (supermarkets, libraries etc.) in Denmark and therefore also at the Academy. You do not need to wear a mask while you are sitting down in your classrooms.  

What should I do if I'm in a high-risk group?

Contact your own doctor before coming to Denmark to investigate your options.

Will my classes be physical or online?

At Business Academy Aarhus, there will be physical teaching from as soon as we are allowed. There will be online teaching until 28 February 2021. 

The study start dates you have been told are still valid. 

You can see all the guidelines for teaching at the Academy here

I would really like to speak to a person. Is this possible?

Yes, for regular matters concerning applications, study start, practical questions, or COVID-19 matters, please contact us on:

Email:, Tel: +45 7228 6000 (8 am - 2 pm Monday-Friday)

WhatsApp message: +45 7228 6496 

Business Academy Aarhus is unable to help you find student housing, but student housing is available in Aarhus. Read more about housing for students here

Can I get my materials fee refunded if I cannot come to Denmark as a result of Covid-19?

Yes, if Covid-19 is the reason that you cannot come to Denmark, you will get a refund. Unfortunately, if it is for any other reason, it will not be refunded.